MBA host of the 46th meeting of associated members of the European Banking Federation

On 27 and 28 of May 2018 in Skopje, the Macedonian Banking Association hosted the 46th meeting of the Associate members of the European Banking Federation.

The meeting, which was opened and chaired by Mr. Wim Mijs, Chief Executive Officer of the European Banking Federation, was attended by representatives of banking associations – associate members and members of the European Banking Federation from several countries, such as Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Turkey, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

The Chairman of the Macedonian Banking Association, Mr. Kosta Mitrovski, welcomed the attendees and introduced them the planned activities of the Macedonian Banking Association as the only legal entity and form of association through which the banks and savings houses from the Republic of Macedonia act in realization of their objectives and tasks.

Mr. Toni Stojanovski, Deputy Chairman of the Macedonian Banking Association, in the working part had a presentation on the topic: “Republic of Macedonia Macroeconomics and Banking sector developments”.

At the dinner organized for the guests, besides the representatives of Management Boards of the Banks and the former Governor of the NBRM, Mr. Dimitar Bogov, Mr. Dragan Tevdovski, the Minister of Finance of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, was also present.

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