The Association for realization of the banks’ common interests and for advancement of their work – MACEDONIAN BANKING ASSOCIATION – Skopje was registered in the Central Register on 30.4.2018 and its founders are all fifteen banks and two savings houses in the country, working in accordance with the Regulations of the Banking Law and the individual acts adopted by the Governor of the National Bank.

With the status of an independent legal entity, the Macedonian Banking Association continues the operation of the Banking Association, which, as a specialized form of organization and operation, acted within the Economic Chamber.

The Macedonian Banking Association – Skopje has been founded to achieve the following objectives:

  • promotion of the activities that are part of the main subject of the members of the Macedonian Banking Association, enabling them to improve their results;
  • effective realization of the interests of the members of the Macedonian Banking Association, promotion of their work, development of the regulatory framework for performing the activities of members, acting in accordance with the principles of reciprocity, professionalism, social responsibility and developing high ethical standards of the profession;
  • protection of the common interests of the members, improvement and increase of the productivity of their activities, as well as providing equal market conditions in relation to other activities, adhering to the principles of autonomy, independence in the operation and free market operation without limiting the competition in the banking.

As the only legal entity and form of association through which the banks and savings houses act to achieve development and improvement of their operations, the Macedonian Banking Association is an associate member of the European Banking Federation having its head office in Brussels.