The Macedonian Banking Association awarded the best officers for 2018

In its premiere year of existence, the Macedonian Banking Association, on the occasion of the World Savings Day October 31, awarded the best officers for 2018. At a convenient ceremony, 38 officers from 15 banks and 2 savings houses and two financial institutions, received recognition for their work, a reward even more valuable, because it was adopted by the assessments of their immediate associates.

At the official ceremony attended by the Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski, the Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Anita Angelovska Bezovska, Vice Governor Emilija Nacevska and the top leading bankers in the country, the President of the Macedonian Banking Association, Kosta Mitrovski, welcoming the present and congratulating the festive day, stated:

– The savers ask for their money to be sure, stable, to receive the agreed interest, so that, when they need them, they can be available at any time, and we as bankers, as banks, guarantee them now and in the future. Why? Because we have stable banks, a stable banking system with high liquidity, a high level of capitalization, management boards composed of professionals with many years of experience in their management, a profitable banking sector that everyone should be pleased with, because it is just such a guarantor of success of all economic trends in our society.

Mitrovski emphasized that one of the basic tasks of the Macedonian Banking Association is educating young people about the importance of saving on economic movements.

Expressing accent that the economic trends in the country are upward and that Macedonia is welcoming the World Savings Day with a high level of savings of 345 billion denars or 5.6 billion euros, Minister Tevdovski called on the bankers to follow this trend:

– I use this opportunity to urge bankers to support companies’ projects and in this period to invest as much funds in the economy as in sustainable projects important for the economy, accentuating the importance of saving in the economic flows.

The Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, Anita Angelovska Bezovska, confirmed that the Macedonian citizens have great confidence in the banking sector, which remained stable, highly capitalized and liquid throughout the entire period, showing high capability for successfully handling the shocks, but also that:

– Despite the positive developments, the domestic savings rate in the Macedonian economy remains below the average and are among the lower rates in the Central and SEE countries. An active contribution from all stakeholders is necessary. For banks, this means continuously improvement of the offer of savings products that will be price competitive, but also adjusted to the needs of the ordinary saver and in keeping with the challenges of the contemporary time.

The Macedonian Banking Association has been working as an independent legal entity for the past six months and it’s a member of the European Banking Association.

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