The Macedonian Banking Association and the Consumers Organization of Macedonia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

Today, at the premises of the Macedonian Banking Association, Maja Stevkova-Sterieva PhD, President of the Macedonian Banking Association (MBA) and Mariana Loncar-Velkova PhD, President of the Consumers’ Organization of Macedonia (OPM) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

The purpose of this Memorandum is to develop and promote financial literacy, as well as financial services offered by banks and savings houses for the benefit of consumers – individuals who appear as users of such services, as well as better cooperation of the parties involved in the above activities.

The cooperation will be realized through joint activities such as organizing educational events, better informing the consumers through joint production of informational materials, improving the legislation, further raising the corporation culture of MBA’s members and getting to know the consumers, promoting the Principles for Responsible Banking and other activities.

The subject of cooperation is the encouragement of a fair attitude towards consumers by the members of MBA, which means providing reliable and timely information on financial products and services that should be transparently published and communicated, as well as educating consumers to submit true and complete data relevant to the financial services. The signing of this Memorandum, in the long run, will lead to greater trust and strengthen the cooperation between the members of the Macedonian Banking Association and their clients represented through the Consumers Organization of Macedonia.


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