In the direction of promotion and presentation of the Macedonian Banking Association (MBA) to the public, in the following months we will present the commissions that function as permanent working bodies within the framework of the MBA and their leaders.


Chairperson of Risk Commission at the Macedonian Banking Association is Biljana Momirovska, Head of Strategic Risk Management Directorate at Sparkasse bank AD Skopje while Deputy Chairperson is Vladimir Davchev, Head of Risk Management at Halk Bank AD Skopje.

The focus of the work of the Risk Commission is the management systems of credit risk, liquidity risk, currency risk, market risk, the risk of interest rate changes in the portfolio of banking activities, operational risk, reputational risk, etc.

In recent years, an accelerated pace of harmonization of the local banking regulation with the banking regulation of the European Union and the Basel standards is visible, which creates the need for an agile reaction of all banks and savings houses for the implementation of this regulation, especially in ​​risk management.

Also of interest to the Commission are documents on risk management, established strategies, policies and procedures, stress testing, internal capital adequacy, internal liquidity management, introduction of a new product or system and the use of services from outsiders, etc.

The monitoring of legal, by-law regulations and other acts related to the management of risks in banking operations is also of great importance.

According to the nature of the activities it covers, the Risk Commission achieves intensive and successful cooperation with the National Bank as a regulator.

Biljana Momirovska is actual Head of Strategic Risk Management Directorate in Sparkasse bank AD Skopje. During her 23 years of banking experience, she has been covering management positions related to risk management, for 16 years. Of particular importance for her professional development is her experience in the implementation of Group Standards of Erste and Steiermaerkische Sparkasse Bank, based on European regulation for risk management. She has successfully realized several projects related to implementation of IFRS 9, European Regulation for default recognition and management, portfolio and e data quality management, risk management models development, implementation of Basel standards for capital management (ICAAP) and internal liquidity (ILAAP), operational risks management and physical security at the Bank. She is President or Risk Management Commission of MBA from its establishment in 2017 and this is her second mandate. With her long years of experience and knowledge of the best practices in risk management, in the past period, she is significantly contributing to the realization of many activities and initiatives under the authority of the commission, for which she received acknowledgments for the work in 2018 and 2022.

Vladimir Davchev, currently the Head of Risk Management at Halk Bank AD Skopje. With more than 20 years of experience, he participated in multiple development projects for the implementation of an efficient risk management system in the area of credit risk, the establishment of novel and digitalized credit decision-making processes, ESG implementation in Risk area, calculation of provisions according to IFRS standards, implementation of Basel 2 and 3 as well as the standards for the implementation of ICAAP, ILAAP and the market and operational risk management system. At the same time, he is a Deputy Chair of Risk Commission at the Macedonian Banking Association, regular lecturer and coordinator of the Certified Risk Manager program at Academy for Banking and IT Skopje, as well as an expert lecturer at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje


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