Macedonian teenagers vice champions of the European Money Quiz

In the finale competition of twenty-eight European countries, the representatives of the Republic of North Macedonia, Victoria Panova and Marko Ingilizov from Veles, yesterday won the second place at the European Money Quiz finals held in Brussels, Belgium.

The Slovenian team took the first place, while the German team took the third place. This is a great success not only for Panova and Injilizov, but also for the Macedonian Banking Association and the country, affirmed through the results of the international competition organized by the European Banking Federation for the second time in order to encourage teachers and schools to educate their students in the field of finances.

The two students of the High school “Koco Racin” from Veles, Panova and Injilizov participated in the European finals as representatives of the country, after achieving the best results in the national competition organized by the Macedonian Banking Association in cooperation with the National Bank, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science in March. About 300 of their peers took part in the national competition, having previously passed a selection of about 3,000 students through internal testing in schools.

At the European level, the quiz was attended by over 100,000 students aged thirteen to fifteen years, of whom about sixty were national winners and represented their countries at the finals in Brussels.

Along with representatives of our country, teams from Austria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain also participated in the European Money Quiz Final this year.

During the competition, the European Banking Federation organized a separate educational event for mentors of national representatives, which conveyed a number of ideas for financial education of young people as part of Europe’s teaching and extracurricular activities. The event was also attended by the mentor of Panova and Injilizov, Professor Marjan Stojanovski and the representative of the Macedonian Banking Association, Olivera Gjorgjieva.

The team of North Macedonia, as one of the winners of the Quiz, in addition to being awarded second place at a European level, also received a prize of 2,000 euros from the EBF for the High school “Koco Racin” in Veles. The school will need to use these funds for projects of its own financial education.

The National Competition within the European Money Quiz is one of the largest competition-educational events for students organized in the country in the past few years. The success achieved internationally will be an additional motivation for even greater interest in this competition in the coming years.

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