Again the representative of our country is the European vice champion at the European Money Quiz

Hristijan Andovski from Veles won second place at this year’s edition of the largest European competition in the field of financial education

At the biggest European competition in the field of financial education, for the second time in a row, a great success happened for our country. The European Banking Federation (EBF) has announced the winners of this year’s edition of the European Final of the European Money Quiz and announced that Hristijan Andovski from Kole Nedelkovski High School in Veles is the European vice champion. The first place was won by a representative of Spain, while the third place was taken by representatives of the Czech Republic.

Last year, when our country participated for the first time in the European Money Quiz, European vice champions were Viktorija Panova and Marko Ingilizov from the high school “Koco Racin” from Veles, who were previously winners of the national competition. The repetition of the success at the European level by the young man from Veles, Andovski, once again confirms that intensive investment in the financial education of young people in the country is already giving visible results, both through the interest of young people to gain knowledge in finance and raising the level of their financial literacy. An additional indicator of this is that this year, in the big European final of the European Money Quiz, the most numerous were the representatives of our country.

Otherwise, Andovski had used the opportunity given this year by the EBF due to the global circumstances with the pandemic of Covid-19, in the Grand Final of the European Money Quiz, through online access all interested parties can participate, including students who have not previously participated in national competitions. He won second place in Europe in a competition of many competitors from 28 countries.

According to EBF data, across Europe, through the online platform Kahoot! this year, the number of participants in the European Money Quiz is significantly higher than last year.

The participation of our country in the European Money Quiz is organized by the Macedonian Banking Association (MBA) in cooperation with the National Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission, with the support of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education and Science. Other joint activities in the field of financial education are planned for the upcoming period, adapted to the possibilities during the covid-19 pandemic.


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